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We have chosen the title “Support” for this area of our website. Helping and supporting people, relieving them of their burden, and giving them security in tax matters has always been the fundamental principle of our work as tax advisors. With this in mind, we offer a range of unique services in this category.

In addition to offers of remote servicing, we provide helpful links and downloads on topics such as payroll accounting and leasing. In addition, we provide insights into the ADDISON OneClick software, which we use as a digital tax consultancy to enable us to work with our clients quickly, securely, and transparently.

Remote servicing

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ADDISON OneClick is a cloud-based software solution that enables the electronic and secure exchange of data between the tax consultancy and clients. This takes digital collaboration to a new level and creates a great deal of transparency and efficiency in accounting. 


In the ADDISON OneClick Help Centre, you will find helpful articles about the cloud-based software solution from Wolters Kluwer Software und Service GmbH. 


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