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Consulting services

To be the right destination for tax matters for very different people is what drives and motivates us. Therefore, we always put the needs of our clients first and offer the appropriate solutions.

We see ourselves as partners by your side. Please discuss with us how we can support you. For example, you may run a medium-sized company whose payroll accounting you want to put in experienced hands so your employees can concentrate on their core areas of expertise. Or you may need professional tax advice on self-employment. You may want to start up a webshop and need a convincing and compelling business plan. There are many challenges – we have the answers.

We only deliver the core areas of our consultancy in some of their facets off the proverbial peg. Our services for all aspects of tax are individually tailored and based on our clients’ personal requirements.



Tax advice

Tax advice, as we understand it is personal, individual, and involves trust. Despite our appreciation for figures, you are not just a number. We are interested in what concerns you and enjoy working together with you.

  • Personal advice
  • Clarification of individual tax problems
  • Tailor-made tax planning
  • Reliable representation when dealing with financial authorities
  • Completion of tasks on time
  • More time for your core areas of expertise
  • Trusting and confidential collaboration

Financial accounting

Financial accounting is mandatory for many companies and sole proprietorships – and a challenge. So we’ll relieve the pressure for you. The following applies: Modern financial accounting is digital financial accounting.

  • Digital collaboration
  • Use of the modern ADDISON OneClick software
  • Automated processes
  • Fast and smart exchange
  • High efficiency
  • Continuous accessibility
  • Reliable transparency

Business consulting

We know your facts and figures, and we are familiar with your company, but at the same time, we maintain a professional view from the outside. In this way, we can offer you the highest quality business advice.

  • Tailor-made strategy
  • Individually customized advice
  • Constant support
  • High transparency
  • Reliable planning
  • Professional view from the outside
  • All services from a single source

Financial statements

Every financial statement requires and deserves the dedicated attention of expert tax advisors who understand their trade. We dedicate ourselves to your financial statements.

  • Financial statements for companies with different legal structures
  • Comprehensive tax advice
  • Timely delivery
  • More time for your core areas of expertise
  • Results based on current legislation
  • Highest transparency 
  • Beneficial planning security

Payroll accounting

Companies outsource payroll accounting to save time and effort and hand it over to experienced tax consultants. We take over the handling of payroll accounting.

  • Digital collaboration
  • Use of the modern ADDISON OneClick software
  • Automated processes
  • Fast and smart exchange
  • High efficiency
  • Payroll available online
  • Reliable transparency

Business start-ups

The founders of the businesses, whose ideas and goals we take great interest in, are always the top priority. Respectful, open-minded, and reliable, we help with the start-up of businesses and contribute our experience.

  • The correct legal structure for your company
  • Convincing concept
  • Becoming independent with security
  • Professional support from the very beginning
  • Clarification of personal questions
  • All important planning steps at a glance
  • Together to achieve success


    Mediation is a confidential and structured conflict resolution process under the guidance of a mediator. (Successful) mediation is based on the principle that the parties to the conflict have the biggest expertise necessary to resolve their disputes.

    • Finding solutions outside the courts
    • Independent and neutral mediators
    • The mediator has no decision-making authority
    • The mediator supports the communication process
    • The points of view of the parties to the conflict are always of equal value
    • Everyone should benefit


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